What is Low-Code?

Low-Code is an application development method that elevates coding from textual to visual, thereby reducing the need for an extensive amount of coding. Rather than a technical coding environment, the DEW Low-Code app operates on a model-driven interface that includes drag & drop features, data binding, flow programming, query builder, UI Designer, and Code generation. As a result, all development skill levels — entry-level developers, professional developers, business stakeholders, and decision-makers (managerial levels) — can use or contribute to Low-Code application development solutions to build value-driven enterprise business applications.

DEW Low-code application development platform (LCAP) abstracts, automates, and deploys every step of the application lifecycle in an efficient manner. Hence, app development is accessible to professionals of all skill levels including those without technical expertise, with features that accelerate the development process.

Features of Low-Code

To design and develop the most powerful applications with an easy and less coding approach, an enterprise needs DEW Studio. It effortlessly automates the workflows of the application development process. The cutting-edge applications can be crafted with minimal cost and resources in no time!

Visual Modelling Tools

The visual modeling tools and inbuilt guiding modules empower the users to easily create seamless applications. From expert techies to clerical employees, anyone can harness the DEW studio’s extreme possibilities.

Out of the Box (OOTB) & Creative Functionality

OOTB functionality combined with creative components of the DEW Studio empowers businesses to have holistic modern applications with minimal resource allocation.

Drag-Drop Interface

No need for coding marathons anymore! With or without customization as per your wish, you can simply use drag and drop interface to customize and create your very own advanced application.


Walk in the present but prepare for the future. The best applications are always scalable. The application you acquire should handle the growing workload for future growth prospects and possibilities. DEW Studio is synonymous with its scalability and authenticity!

An easy tool without safety is neither sufficient nor satisfactory. We help you have applications with the utmost security. No external disturbance can now disturb your security fortress.

Benefits of using a Low-Code platform

  • Make use of current talent to create and deliver apps quicker.
  • Encourage participation in development from non IT departments.
  • Create numerous solutions without incurring cost for significant resources.
  • Improved cross-functional team communication and decision-making.
  • Allow expert developers to focus on more challenging projects.
  • Rapid development that is more effective.
  • Rely on reusable components that have already undergone security and performance tests.
  • Increase the consistency and scalability of your app development.
  • Quickly add new features to apps as needed.

Low-Code Vs Traditional Code

With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Low-Code app development platform allows developers to create apps quicker without the need for extensive amounts of coding (Traditional Coding). Let’s look at the key differences between Low-Code development and Traditional development.

Property Low Code Development Traditional Development
Definition Development of apps using the drag & drop feature. Development requires extensive manual coding.
Coding Skills Applications can be created even with the most basic coding skills. Advanced coding skills and knowledge of multiple technologies are required to develop apps.
App Development Time It is known for its rapid App development. It helps develop an app in just a few weeks. It may take a few months to develop apps with a team of experienced developers.
Customization Feature Customization is specific and limited to the Low Code functionalities. Apps are specifically customized to integrate new modules.
Agility Code can be modified easily using drag & drop feature to accelerate app releases, and you can correct any error right away. Modification can be slower than Low Code. However, conventional apps can become flexible by using an agile methodology.
Deployment Low Code development speeds up the deployment of apps and gives users access to similar supporting systems The software can be released using traditional coding on a wide range of platforms.
Maintenance & Update Apps can be readily updated because the code produced by the Low Code app is simple to modify. Because it involves extensive coding changes, custom apps can be challenging to maintain. Regular updates require a team of developers.

Use Cases

What your enterprise can really build with Low-Code?

You can create a wide range of applications using Low-Code solution , such as online portals, business process apps, system apps, e-commerce apps, workflow apps, and a long list of others. Here, we've highlighted the Low-Code use cases and how they're assisting businesses in quickly building effective apps.


Integrating complex back-end systems with simple interfaces seamlessly into an enticing app is a challenge. Companies using Low-Code integration have a 2X greater growth potential. Financial services applications powered by DEW Studio fulfill all the needs of enterprises and customers effectively!


Healthcare Industry

Our Low-Code solutions completely fulfill the healthcare industry's specific needs and sensibilities. We develop advanced Low-Code applications that drive easy data accessibility and storage without compromising patient confidentiality. Most healthcare companies using low-code software have better data security and regulatory compliance.



We are famous for developing flexible and scalable apps by respecting the enrollment fluctuation and other volatile factors of the education sector.
Low-code integration with DEW Studio promises long-term usable low code applications that compliment your education strategies, including assessments and remote learning modules as well!


B2C Mobile App

We build B2C mobile apps for enterprises to scale their operations and quickly target broader market changes. The cross-platform mobile app with rich functionality like better customer connectivity, direct marketing, customer metrics, online payments is seamlessly made with Low-Code development.
We develop premier quality fit-for-purpose B2C apps tailored for your business.


SAAS Applications

Offering advanced Software As A Service over the internet is the new age phenomena. Harness its depth with DEW Studio!
With our topLow-Code app development platform, we develop applications to aid your SaaS application basic needs and high-end necessities! It's easy to design, develop, test and roll out high quality SaaS applications now!


IOT-Enabled Smart App

The Internet of Things is a new age internet revolution! Are you looking to utilize it? DEW Studio is the top Low-Code development platform to choose.
We develop industry specific IoT enabled enterprise solutions, improving your overall operational efficiency and holistic customer engagement! Empowering you to deliver IoT powered functionalities is our revered quality!


CRM For Sales

CRM for sales is a smart decision for high quality CRM applications. Reaching Out to DEW Studio is the Smartest Decision.
The Low-Code software we develop for your enterprise enhances your ability to onboard, manage and have mutually empowering relationships with your customers. The best CRM app is a competitive edge, afford it easily with DEW Studio!


eCommerce And Retail

An online or offline merchant must complete numerous tasks on a daily basis, ranging from order management to supply chain assessment and delivery tracking. You can use the good set of features and functionality that prominent eCommerce platforms have.
eCommerce and retail companies using Low-Code apps accomplish outstanding results and address all their everyday challenges. A Low-Code solution helps to develop a feature-packed app from scratch.


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