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Get a clear view of the table structure and reduce the reference time of the database while developing a code with an entity manager. You can also modify the structure without affecting the real database structure.

Query Builder

Building large SQL queries require a ton of logical thinking and time. Using the query builder in DEW Studio, easily create various types of simple and complex queries in an instant.

UI Designer

When you often create database queries, you need a solution that can visualize the entire scenario. Explore your databases with a graphic SQL query designer and interactive query building without manual co

Flow Programming

In the case of object-oriented software, a number of challenges arise in order to gain an understanding of the software. Flow programming can help you to understand the workflow with visualization instantly.

Data Binding

To make the interactions with html and scripting of the designed page, the developer do not need to write a code, they can do it by just connecting the html and script variables and front end logic code will get generated.

Code Generation

Find a robust solution to connect HTML and the designed page without writing a single command. The data binding feature can connect the HTML with the script variables and generates the code.

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