Code in your local drive

The platform allows developers to code in their local drive and generates it through an in-built code editor.

Single click code generation

The platform has a terminal that one can use to type and execute text-based commands. DEW Studio doesn't need any IDE to generate the final application or code, with just one command.

DEW provides Application Generation Tool which generates the application code in a single click. ‘Dew Studio’ allows the developers to code in their local drive; it helps the developer to debug their application in their IDE. Like other development tool DEW doesn’t need any IDE’s to edit the generated code or to run the code, because DEW has an In-Built code editor.

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a software suite that consolidates the basic tools that developers need to write and test software. Typically, an IDE contains a code editor, a compiler or interpreter and a debugger that the developer accesses through a single Graphical User Interface (GUI). An IDE may be a standalone application, or it may be included as part of one or more existing and compatible applications.

The terminal is an interface in which you can type and execute text based commands. It can be much faster to complete some tasks using a Terminal than with graphical applications and menus. Another benefit is allowing access to many more commands and scripts. A common terminal task of installing an application can be achieved within a single command, compared to navigating through the Software Centre or Synaptic Manager. Dew developer don’t need to open the terminal externally to install any bower components or node modules, DEW provides the terminal in ‘DEW studio’ which helps the developer to run all the needed pre-requisites within at one place.

If Developer installs an external IDE, then the developer needs to purchase the license and cost of the IDE’s can be reduced. ‘DEW Studio’ has support for Grunt and Gulp task runners.

Have The Competitive-Edge with DEW Studio

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